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APPENDIX E: List of Courses Satisfying Math Requirements


Any course listed in the Georgia Tech Catalog with a "MATH" designation (i.e., a course offered or cross-listed by the School of Mathematics) that is:

  • at the 4000 level or higher*, and
  • not specifically required for the undergraduate AE degree (BSAE),

may be used to satisfy the graduate mathematics requirement. Caution is advised when selecting MATH 4xxx courses because there are restrictions on the total number of hours of 4000-level courses that can be included in MS and PhD degrees in AE. (*MATH 3215 is an acceptable course to satisfy the requirement.)


The School of Aerospace Engineering has also approved a limited number of other courses that can be used to satisfy the Math requirements in the MS and PhD degree programs. The courses in this list were selected because they primarily introduce mathematical methodology rather than use mathematical techniques to model physical phenomena. The current list of approved courses is provided below.

  • CS 7530 Randomized Algorithms
  • ECE 6601 Random Processes (formerly ECE 6050)
  • ISYE 6413 Design and Analysis of Experiments
  • ISYE 6414 Regression Analysis
  • ISYE 6416 Computational Statistics
  • ISYE 6650 Probabilistic Models
  • ISYE 6739 Basic Statistical Methods
  • PHYS 6124 Mathematical Methods of Physics I
  • PHYS 6125 Mathematical Methods of Physics II
  • PHYS 6268 Nonlinear Dynamics and Chaos (not with Math 6307)
  • PUBP 6114 Applied Policy Methods

Other courses may be added to this list when approved by the AE Graduate Committee. Requests to add additional courses to the list should be submitted to the Committee before the student signs up for the class.

Courses in applied math or numerical methods offered in individual disciplines will usually not be acceptable. For example, the course, ME 6758 Numerical Methods in Mechanical Engineering, IS NOT approved (a request to approve was rejected by the AE Graduate Committee).